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At New Wine Ministries Youth Ministry we have made a commitment to invest in the next generation, our youth. Our biblically based commitment follows the directive given to us in Deuteronomy 6:6-8. Knowing that our youth are body, soul and spirit, we have made a commitment to instill in them Biblically based principles that will equip them for the culture they live in. This commitment is not only to our youth but to their parents/guardians, the leadership of New Wine Ministry Church, and ultimately to our Savior Jesus Christ.


- Summer Camp
- Missions Events


We love getting the youth involved in the church. If you're a techy, musician, people-person, or just want to show up where needed we would love to get you involved! Reach out to Jose or Cecila Ybarra to see where you can get plugged in.

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Jose and Cecila Ybarra

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